Young Ewe

The selection and breed of ewe is one of the most motivating task on our daily work. Reaching high milk-production adult ewes is a long-term work where patience and dedication are key points. Along more than 15 years, we have choseen the best sheeps according to milk-production, udder quality, and health status; keeping in our mind that those young ewes will be become to the mothers of our future ewes.

As it was explained, this hard task produces results in the long term, and it is now when we are getting back all this effort. Alogn last two years, our cutter has improved the milk-production 21% and 28%, respectively, and average production is around 400 liters per animal and per year; this is really significant having more than 1000 animals.

The new chalenge is to keep, or even improve this rates of milk production, ensuring a healthy uppers and a long life expentacy in our livestock.

All our ewe for sale descend from our best males, exceding 60 as genetic valoration. The mothers are selected as well, with a 500 liters per year as minimum production. From our side, we get the commitment to provide ewes accomplishing all the requirements both, legal and sanitary, to get their destination in a perfect condition. We commit the realiability of the progeny of every ewe by means of ADN analytics. It is possible to book or buy ewes contacting us through Contac section on this website.

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